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3D magnetic field Wafer-Level Tester

Key Features


→ High amplitude in-plane and perpendicular magnetic field
→ 3D control of field orientation
→ Rotating field
→ Embedded Calibration sensor
→ Automated test programs
→ Parameters extraction software for MRAM
→ From 100mm up to 300mm wafers
→ Compatible with standard probe cards




The Hprobe tester is the preferred tool for wafer level characterization and testing under magnetic field. It uses a patented 3D magnetic field generator and state of the art, customizable, commercial hardware to bring a full test solution for all magnetic devices, from sensors to MRAM, for R&D and manufacturing. The tool is built on the standard industrial automated wafer prober of your choice.

100 to 300mm
Automated Wafer Prober

3D Magnetic Generator
+ Calibration Kit

Controle, Source
and Sense Instruments

Full Test Program for magnetic devices & sensors

Example of Test Protocols


Magneto-resistance Hysteresis curves
Resistance distribution
Switching Phase Diagram
I-V curve
Switching probability
Switching Pulse currents
Pulse width dependence
Temperature dependence
Field Amplitude dependence
Field Angle dependence
Pulse/Quasi static Diagrams
Breakdown Voltage