Hprobe magnetic field generator technologies address the challenges of magnetic integrated circuits industrial testing. The technologies are developed with the aim of generating high intensity magnetic field with extremely fast amplitude and angular sweep rate. The magnetic field generators are integrated into test equipment products dedicated for wafer level testing of magnetic device operating at high throughput.

Hprobe’s 3D magnetic field generator and Hcoil-2T magnetic field generator are patented technologies, compatible with the requirements of electrical wafer level probing requirement in mass production. The uniquely designed generators operate with power supplies and air cooling, so no complex liquid cooling is required.


Extremely high magnetic sweeping rates, up to 10,000 step samples per second, enabling high-throughput, mass production compatible testing times


3D magnetic field with independently controllable spatial axis, for any combination of perpendicular and planar field generation


Ultra-high intensity magnetic fields in a single direction, in combination with extremely fast sweeping rates, up to 2 Tesla within 20 microseconds

3D magnetic field generator

The 3D magnetic field generator is capable of generating a 3D magnetic field in which each spatial axis is driven independently. The generator has multiple configurations to maximize the field strength or surface coverage in specific 1D, 2D or 3D orientations.

The sweeping rate of the magnetic field is controllable in amplitude, and angle at sweep rates up to 10,000 step samples per second.

Hcoil-2T magnetic field generator

The Hcoil-2T magnetic field generator is a revolutionary ultra-compact technology, capable of generating ultra-high intensity magnetic fields in a single direction with extremely fast sweeping rates. With this technology, up to ±2 Tesla fields are reached in less than 20 microseconds.