Speed up Wafer-level Magnetic Test

Hprobe offers a 3D magnetic field wafer tester for all types of magnetic devices


Planar and perpendicular Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ)


TMR sensors

 Magnetic MEMS sensors

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3D Magnetic Generator Technology


Hprobe has developed a unique patented technology of multidimensional magnetic field generator for magnetic devices and sensors wafer level characterization and testing.  With our 3D generator technology, each magnetic field spatial axis is driven independently. User can apply and control the magnetic field in any direction of space, as well as generate rotating fields. 

3D Magnetic Wafer-Level Tester 

 The Hprobe equipment is a plug and play 100mm to 300mm automated wafer tester for magnetic devices and sensors. 


Our wafer tester is the preferred tool for wafer level characterization and testing under magnetic field. It uses a patented 3D magnetic field generator and state of the art, customizable, commercial hardware to bring a full test solution for all magnetic devices, from sensors to MRAM. 


A full software for wafer level testing automation is available which includes the magnetic sources generation, a set of pre-defined tests for electro/magnetic parameter extraction on thin films materials, MRAM and sensors. 



Press release

14/17-11-2017 : Hprobe will be on SEMICON EUROPA in Munich - visit us on B1-1139 Booth

6/10-11-2017 : Hprobe will be on MMM Pittsburg with our agent NANI - visit us on Booth 22

Octobre 2017 : Hprobe aura un stand au congrès des Arts et Métiers à Grenoble

6-7-2017 : Hprobe wins 300 K€ at iLab, national French start-up contest

15-5-2017 : Hprobe, la H(igh) Technology in Presences

31-5 & 1-6-2017 : Hprobe are in Forum5i and pitch at Ventures5i

15-05-2017 : Un chercheur Grenoblois récompensé par la médaille de l'innovation du CNRS

11-05-2017 : Jean-Pierre Nozières laureate of the CNRS Medal of Innovation 2017 

24 to 28-04-2017 : Hprobe presents their products at INTERMAG in Dublin - Booth n°15

27 to 30-03-2017 : Hprobe had a booth at ICMTS in Grenoble

6-11-2016 : L'essor : http://lessor.fr/hprobe-teste-les-memoires-magnetiques-de-derniere-generation-16774.html