Speed-Up wafer-level Magnetic Test

Speed-Up wafer-level Magnetic Test

Speed-Up Development of Integrated Magnetic Devices

Hprobe wafer-level tester hasten development and production of magnetic devices with its full features to characterize, control and monitor magnetic films embedded in test structure or patterned devices.

Improve Yields of MRAM Manufacturing Process

With Hprobe 3D magnetic generator, high field sweep in the perpendicular direction is applied on the device to evaluate the STT-MRAM using pre-implemented electrical tests. The control of the memory unit cells could be done directly after patterning the magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) stack.

Enhance Sorting Performances of Magnetic Sensors

On Hprobe wafer tester, the 3D generator provides high rotating field speed with accurate angle and amplitude control. This helps in increasing the wafer throughput during parametric and final testing, and allow to increase the test coverage.

A unique patented technology

Hprobe offers a unique patented technology of multidimensional magnetic field generator for magnetic devices and sensors wafer level characterization and testing.  Current product line includes dedicated tools for characterization and testing of  MRAM (STT, SOT, VCMA) and Magnetic Sensors (TMR, GMR, etc.) in all phases of the magnetic technology development.

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A Global Presence

The company is headquartered near Grenoble, France, at the heart of the French Silicon Valley. This location strategically positions the company in one of Europe’s key semiconductor research and manufacturing hubs.
We supply our products worldwide through this location, supported by a number of country agents and distributors. If we cover Europe and a couple of other regions still directly from France, we have a worldwide sales network with one agent in the U.S., and one agent and a distributor covering for China, as well as Taiwan and Singapore. As global demand for our products grow, we intend to expand and strengthen our global reach by establishing sales and customer support in other key strategic regions.

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