Speed up Wafer-level Magnetic Test

Hprobe offers a 3D magnetic field wafer-level electrical tester for all types of MRAM (STT, SOT, OST, …)

- Planar and perpendicular Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ)

- Magnetic sensors

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Hprobe has developed a unique patent pending technology of multidimensional magnetic field generator for experimental applications. Our compact technology enable fast generation of controlled magnetic field in the half space over one or several axis directions.  



3D magnetic field wafer level automated test prober


The Hprobe equipment is a plug and play 200mm / 300mm automated wafer tester for magnetic IC and sensors characterization and testing. 

Hprobe magnetic test generator is the dedicated tools to fasten magnetic thin films development and MRAM devices integration. Our magnetic generator allow to drastically reduce the testing time of MRAM devices and IC compared to traditional methods.


The magnetic tester is associated with a wafer prober (Accretech, TEL, EG, …) customized with Hprobe 3-axis magnetic generator, its calibration kit and the measurements sources. A full software suite for wafer level testing automation is available which includes the magnetic sources generation, a set of pre-defined tests for electro/magnetic parameter extraction on thin films, magnetic memory and sensors. 

Data analysis


  • Magnetoresistance curves
  • Resistance distribution
  • I/V curve
  • Switching probability
  • Switching pulse currents
  • Pulse width dependence
  • Temperature dependence
  • Property Mapping
  • Variable sweep rate
  • Field angle dependence
  • Pulse/Quasistatic Diagrams
  • Breakdown voltage
  • Endurance
  • Switching Phase Diagram


Press release

6-11-2016 : L'essor : http://lessor.fr/hprobe-teste-les-memoires-magnetiques-de-derniere-generation-16774.html

27 to 30-03-2017 : Hprobe had a booth at ICMTS in Grenoble

24 to 28-04-2017 : Hprobe presents their products at INTERMAG in Dublin - Booth n°15