Speed up Wafer-level Magnetic Test

Hprobe offers a 3D magnetic field wafer-level electrical tester for all types of MRAM (STT, SOT, OST, …) - Planar and perpendicular MTJ - Magnetic sensors

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Data analysis

  • Magnetoresistance curves
  • Resistance distribution
  • I/V curve
  • Switching probability
  • Switching pulse currents
  • Pulse width dependence
  • Temperature dependence
  • Property Mapping
  • Variable sweep rate
  • Field angle dependence
  • Pulse/Quasistatic Diagrams
  • Breakdown voltage
  • Endurance
  • Switching Phase Diagram

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Spintec Laboratory, located on the MINATEC campus in Grenoble, France, has developed magnetic field wafer-level electrical test prober: Hprobe, a Spintec spin-off, will industrialize and commercialize it as a qualified tester with a first to market 3D magnetic field head and full data analysis software in the first half of 2016.


In order better serve the market and refine our offering we are engaging prospective customers in order to gain a better understanding of their current and future hardware & software requirements including the operational constraints and the ‘nice-to-haves’.


Your input is extremely valuable to us, so please take the time (~3 mins.) to fill out the questionnaire.

We thank you in advance for your time; your insights will help us deliver a product that will meet or exceed your requirements.


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The Hprobe Management Team

Download our technical sheet
Technical Sheet Hprobe V2_6.pdf
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