Hprobe Receives Order from a Tier-1 Semiconductor Manufacturer for a Wafer-Level Magnetic Tester to be Used for Strategic R&D of Magnetic Materials and Devices

Apr 28, 2021 | Press releases

Grenoble, France, April 27, 2021 – Hprobe, a provider of turnkey semiconductor Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for magnetic devices, today announced a significant order from a tier-1 semiconductor manufacturer for a wafer-level magnetic tester. The equipment will be used for research and development of magnetic materials and devices, which represents a very promising technology for MRAM chips and magnetic sensors. With this announcement, Hprobe’s IBEX tester is clearly recognized as an essential solution for the industry. With its very high throughput, the state-of the-art ATE enables high productivity engineering, fast time to market, and early readiness for mass production. The extremely accurate measurements help ensure the high product yield paramount for chip manufacturing.

“This purchase by a world-famous semiconductor company confirms the unique technology and superior equipment Hprobe provides and highlights the critical role we’ll play in enabling mass production of magnetic devices,” said Laurent Lebrun, CEO of Hprobe. “We’re absolutely delighted to have this recognition and getting further established in the industry. This sale is also an important testimonial, as we trust the combination of speed, 3D high field generation, and accuracy of our offering is unmatched in the market.”

The Hprobe’s IBEX platform is compatible with 200mm and 300mm automated wafer probers, and is dedicated to testing MRAM magnetic tunnel junctions, bit cells based on Spin Transfer Torque (STT-MRAM), Spin-Orbit Torque (SOT-MRAM), and Voltage Controlled (VC-MRAM) technologies. The system is capable of testing at high throughput, both under fast variable 3D magnetic field as well as with ultra-narrow pulsed signals. It contains unique proprietary technology for wafer-level testing and characterization of magnetic devices by means of electrical probing, while varying a 3D magnetic field above the device. By applying a very fast sweeping magnetic field in any direction of space, a fast and accurate electrical response is obtained for qualifying the device under test.

About Hprobe: Founded in March 2017 and based in Grenoble (France), Hprobe is a spin-off company of SPINTEC (one of the leading spintronics research laboratories worldwide). The company designs, manufactures, and markets equipment for wafer-level testing of magnetic devices in the semiconductor industry, which serves consumer, communication, industrial and automotive customers.


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