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Corporate name: Hprobe
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Phone: +33 4 76 63 07 52

The SITE is dedicated to present Hprobe activities. The SITE is updated periodically. However, while Hprobe Company is making efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information related to its evolution and activities, Hprobe disclaims any liability. Hprobe Company will only be committed on what is agreed in a contract. Access and use of the SITE are subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein and are governed by the laws of France. The terms and conditions may be modified at any time, and we invite you to refer to them at each connection to the SITE. These terms and Conditions are governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with the laws of France. In the event of litigation, only French courts shall entertain jurisdiction.

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The general structure, texts, images, sounds, graphics, documents to download, databases and any other contents on the SITE, besides credits specified in the following article “Other credits », are the exclusive property of Hprobe Company. Laws of France and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property apply to the entire SITE. All names, brands, and registered trademarks mentioned or used on the SITE are the property of their respective owners.
Any full or partial reproduction, recording, distribution or rebroadcasting of the contents of this SITE, by any process, without the owner permission, will be sued either for counterfeit or for unfair competition.

Other credits

Photo credits or images: NounProject, Licence, Rémy LAPLANE
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Hprobe Company authorizes any website to create a hyperlink only to the SITE official home page in accordance with current legal rules. Any link to the SITE requires a prior formal consent from the webmaster, the Company reserves the right to forbid the link at any time, without any notice and without any justification.


The SITE is designed to offer the best display, no matter what browser is used. Hprobe Company cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect dysfunctions or damages that may be caused to any visitor’s computer system as a result of the use of this SITE.

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Hprobe Company may contain links to other websites. You may access these freely but once you have done so, the present terms and conditions no longer apply. Hprobe Company shall not be liable for the content and use of these sites.

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Hprobe Company shall not be liable for dysfunctions or damages caused to any visitor’s computer system by web hacking or viruses carried without its knowledge and without the knowledge of its technical partners.

Management of Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies, or connection trackers, are text files likely to be stored by your browser on your device connected to internet when visiting a website. The device can be identified by the issuer during the cookies’ validity period. Stored information consists in your browsing activity in order to offer additional service, adverts you have selected, your browser type, information you have entered in order not to have to enter them again and to ease your browsing. Cookies are also used to improve the SITE performance. For example, cookies ease your browsing and help you find a specific content quicker…etc.
The issuer of a cookie is the only one able to read or modify collected information. Cookies used by the SITE are aimed at the purposes described below.

Who are the recipients of the data collected by cookies?

Data collected by cookies stored on the SITE are intended for Hprobe Company, its partners and third parties such as social networks.

What is the validity of cookies?

Cookies have a validity period of 13 months.
Your consent will be requested again at the end of the maximum period with an information banner no matter the visited page on the SITE, or at the removal of your browser cache before the end of the validity period.

What types of cookies are used by the SITE?

Audience and Google Analytics statistics cookies

Services installed on the SITE such as Google Analytics are used to memorize and analyze anonymously the number of pages visited as well as visitor activity and return rate. These cookies enable to get statistical data of the SITE traffic; these dates are used to improve contents based on the visitor popularity on SITE pages. Some cookies stored by audience and statistics services are linked to the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your device. This address allows us to know the city from which you connect your device.

Technical cookies, configuration cookies and browsing cookies

These cookies ease your browsing no the SITE pages. They are also necessary for several features or services (account creation, identification, information entered on some forms, comment fields …). They also allow you to store your user preferences, display parameters and media players you use in order to facilitate browsing during your visit on our SITE.

Advertising cookies and cookies used to know better your areas of interest

Third advertising parties such as AdSense control cookies from their advertising space. To find out more about targeted ads from Google, click on the following link: privacy policy.

The present SITE is not liable for these cookies’ management and validity. Hprobe Company recommends to examine each of its provider’s policy. Their purpose is to send you personalized ads adapted to your expectations. No personal information such as surname, name, mailing or email address, etc. is transferred to these third party partners whose intervention on the SITE merely consists to store cookies through the advertising contents they generate.
The SITE does not manage these cookies.

Cookies for Social networks

Some pages and articles of this SITE include social network links that allow you to take advantage of their functionalities, in particular sharing contents with other people.

When you visit a page on which there are such links, your browser can send information to the selected social network that can then add it on your profile.

These cookies are not managed by the SITE but can be stored in your browser. Hprobe Company recommend to examine the privacy policies specific to each of these social networking sites in order to be aware of the purposes of browsing information collected through these links and modules:

What to do if cookies must not be stored?

The latest European legislation related to personal data protection on Internet gives you the right to manage the information stored and used by a third-party site through cookies, although their presence is usually without consequences. You can stop some or all cookies and delete those already installed on your device. You can choose to accept cookies on your device and reconsider your choice any time by changing your browser settings.

What can you do to prevent storage of cookies?

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can set your browser to prevent all or part of the download on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet …) optimized for Internet. Beware that an absolute level of settings will prevent the SITE from operating properly.

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– If your device is used by several people or has several browsers, it is possible that your settings are not taken into account in a permanent manner either depending on the use of another browser without parameters set or because a third party changed your personal settings. The SITE is neither able to prevent these external elements nor guarantee the sustainability of your initial choices.

– If you use different devices to access our SITE (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.) your preferred settings must be set on each of them.

– In accordance with the provisions of the French Law “Informatique et Libertés” of January 6 1978, you may exercise a right of access to your personal data. This right can be claimed by contacting directly Hprobe Company.

CNIL statement

The SITE has been declared to the “Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés” (CNIL) under the number: 2025703.